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 Vampire Ranks

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Vampire Ranks

The Queen rules over all of the vampires in her clan. She oversees business with wolves and assures that her people are safe. The Queen is the most respected of the clan, even over the King. She can be challenged, however, if one were to fail they are to be killed instantly.

The Queen chooses one mate to be her King and rule alongside her. He has just as much respect as his Queen, but does as she wishes. His job is to do what she hasn't time for and assure her happiness. The king can be voted out of his position by the majority of the clan, or the Queen can demote him if he is not pleasing her.

Duke and Duchess(0/2):
The duke and duchess are the right hand to the Queen. They oversee that the clan is in line and doing as they told. They makes up the duties that the King and Queen do not have time for. Since they are second, the clan is to respect them as they respect the King and Queen. They can be challenged, however punishment for loosing is death.

The lord oversees the Knights. He/She sends out knights to specific borders. They must report to either the King or Queen when a disturbance has surfaced. They are among the only wolves that can grant access into clan territory along with the knights.

Knights are assigned specific places on the border to patrol. They are the only normal ranking vampires that can accept other vampires into the pack without having to ask the Alpha's permission. It is their job to greet newcomers and decide their rank.

Squires are the errand runners of the clan. They usually make trips into town to get supplies that the clan is in need of. They do any chores that a higher rank demands of them. To become a Knight, they must somehow prove themselves to the Duke or Duchess.

Doctors treat the sick and injured. They have special remedies that humans have not discovered that can cure vampires quickly. They must be very educated to earn their position and no younger than at least 20 years of age.

Adolescents are young vampires(teenagers), who's rank has not yet been decided upon. They practice with the lead member of every rank. The King and Queen decide on their 18th birthday what rank they will be best suited for
Vampires that are too young to perform regular duties. They become adolescents at the age of 14.
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Vampire Ranks
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