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 Werewolf Ranks

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Leader of the pack. Determines every decision with the help of some others. What he says goes, and there is no way around it besides battle. To challenge an Alpha you must do it in front of the whole pack. Win and you are the new Alpha, lose and you are banned forever as a loner. The Alpha is the head of the pack, he sends out hunting parties, instructs all members, and keeps order within the pack. He is to be treated with the most respect.

Female leader of the pack. Mate of the Alpha and has all the responsibilities he does. The Alphess tends to be more involved in pack affairs, whereas the Alpha is considered with battles and keeping the peace with vampires. She is treated with just as much respect as her male counterpart. She cannot be challenged, however she can be voted out of her position if the majority of the pack deems her unfit.

One male and one female. They do not have to be a mated pair. Second hand to the Alphas, they are the eyes and ears of the pack. While the Alphas are too busy, they take over the rest of the duties the Alphas usually do. They are second, which means they are above every wolf in the pack besides the Alphas. Both male and female can be challenged for their positions.

Deltas are the offspring of either Betas or Alphas. They are trained vigorously at a young age to take over for their parents. There is much expected of them as they are to be stronger than their previous generations.

Lead Hunter(0/1):
Leads all hunts that are done by the pack. Takes orders from either the Alphas and Betas. However, it is the only position that can designate hunting parties without the permission of the Alpha. If another wolf wishes to hunt, he/she will have to ask permission from a higher rank.

Hunters of course do all the hunting. They take orders from the Lead Hunter on where to go and what to catch. These wolves tend to be quicker on their feet than most. Characteristics a hunter should have is speed, endurance, and stealth.

Lead Guardian(0/1):
The lead guardian sends out other guardians to specific borders. The lead guardian must report to either the Betas or Alphas when a disturbance has surfaced. They are among the only wolves that can grant access into pack territory along with the other normal guardians.

Guardians are assigned specific places on the border to patrol. They are the only normal ranking wolves that can accept other wolves into the pack without having to ask the Alpha's permission. It is their job to greet newcomers and decide their rank.

Doctors treat the sick and injured. They have special remedies that neither wolf nor human have discovered that can cure werewolves quickly. They must be very educated to earn their position and no younger than at least 20 years of age.

Adolescents are young wolves(teenagers), who's rank has not yet been decided upon. They practice with the lead member of every rank. The Alphas and Betas decide on their 18th birthday what rank they will be best suited for.

Pups are the pack member's children. They do not have set duties as they are too young to carry out most deeds. They go to school and learn from their parents until they are about 14, in which they turn into adolescents.
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Werewolf Ranks
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