A semi-advanced, one paragraph or more role-playing werewolf site.
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 Ready To Join?

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PostSubject: Ready To Join?    Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:59 pm

Once you have read the rules you are ready to join!

First things first, create an account with the name of your character. Upon doing this, a whole new plethora of topics will open that you can now explore. Take a minute to decide on a few things such as: vampire or werewolf? pack or loner? rank in pack?
After creating an account and scouting out the site, you may make a player profile. Under "Character Creations" there will be a format that you must follow when making your character. Please make sure to add as much as you can so that others may get to know your character the best they can.

You will be asked to provide a personality, appearance, and history of your character. Each of these sections are required at least 200 words, though not limited to. If you do not believe you can make the cut, this probably isn't the site for you. We encourage you to change anything during any duration of time as your character lives and progresses, this is called character development. A shift of views from a conversation with another character or perhaps a scar after a recent fight can be added in. Try not to change the history after it has already been accepted. You can add more to it, but changing it drastically more than one time can confuse other players.

Once you have created a character profile, wait patiently to be accepted by a Mod or Admin. This may take up to 3 days, however if you are not accepted by then please feel free to address me in a PM and we will have the issue sorted out immediately.  

Upon being accepted you will have the choice of where you will begin your role-play. It is highly recommended that you join a pack or clan, as being a loner is very difficult and there are less interactions. (Meaning a high chance your character could die, and a low chance they will make friends)
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Ready To Join?
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