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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:39 pm

Please Read These Rules Carefully and Consider Consequences

This site is semi-advanced, we do not discourage new comers, however, one-liners will not be tolerated. A paragraph of at least 150 words is required for every post that you make. (This of course excludes OOC posts) Beyond this, we know many find it frustrating when grammar and spelling is not understandable. Yes, we all make mistakes, but please try and limit them as much as possible. There are many sites that can help you if you are unsure of how your writing sounds, such as this one: Click here.

All posts must be made at a PG-13 level. There will be no in-depth mating scenes, or extremely vivid  explanations of gore and or death. When mating season comes, you may fade to black and proceed as if the scene has already taken place in the next post. As for fighting scenes, try to illustrate moves and counter-moves, parts of the body that have been struck or hurt. Stay away from being too vivid with gore, as in blood and guts.

You may make one character upon joining. Once accepted, another character is permitted. After you have two, you may not make another unless you purchase it from the shop. Please keep in mind that while your characters can be related or have a past together, they should not date or mate with each other. If you have multiple characters please try and add them in your signature so that others know.

You may not start role playing until your character has been approved! The moderators will respond within the time period of 3 days and if that has not happened you may message me. Make sure that when you post a profile if you are not finished add WIP in the title. When you are done, remove this to let a mod know that they can inspect it for errors.

Silver is gained every time you post a new reply or topic. You can use silver to purchase items from the shop. Make sure to check out the shop to see what cool things are in store!

Role playing Rules:
Make sure to follow everything as stated above when posting a new thread or reply. Here at Werewolves, we have a strict rule of third-person only. This means there should not be any "I", "me", or "our", type statements unless they are being used in dialogue.

There is liquid time here, however it is quite easy for one to get confused with so many threads and often forsake one on accident. For this purpose, we encourage members to only be in up to four or five threads at a time. The only way to surpass this rule is if there is a pack meeting and your character is already in a number of threads. Of course they don't want to miss it so they will be permitted one extra thread, but try to keep in mind how difficult it is to keep up with so many things. Mods and Admins as well as Alphas and higher up positions could potentially be in more threads if needed.

God-modding (powerplaying) or anything of the sort will not be tolerated. One offense of this rule will result in a suspension. Second time offense will result in deleting of all accounts and not permitted back to the site. Please be courteous to all members and their writing.

These rules are clear-cut and seemingly common sense, therefore there will be no passwords to join. If too many people are caught not paying attention to these, then yes, they will have to be added in later. Any one who neglects to follow them will receive a warning. Second and third offenses will be dealt with more heavily. Please be considerate to all members, what happens in IC stays in IC. Not meaning you can't mention it, but if someone's character doesn't get along with yours it has nothing to do with you personally. If they are being rude or otherwise offensive in the C-box or in PM, report it immediately to a Mod or Admin.
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